The Special SoYu Story

  SoYu is a soya-based produce manufacturer based in Leicestershire. It’s our mission to match the meat market with plant-based produce that is just as tasty (if not more so).       We
specialise in producing tasty Tofu (soya bean curd) and Soya Milk in our food grade factory.

   All of our soya beans must pass the SoYu test! We only partner with high-quality, GM-free, organic, ethical and sustainable beans suppliers.
   We deliver delicious SoYu produce directly to consumers, cafes, restaurants, retailers, factories and wholesalers, catering for consumers who care.

Reptientes with soy milk and grains on a

The SoYu Family


   We are a small team with big ambitions! We love food and we work in a way that supports fair trade, the future and our environment. Soya produce and plant-based cuisines are now firmly on the menu in many of the best restaurants, retailers and stockists. SoYu exists so that vegan dining is a delicious, healthy experience and we collaborate with farmers, Chefs, charities and food policy creators who feel the same. Founded by three friends, two Chefs and a carer, with a passion for produce, SoYu is not a compromise. It’s a choice.

toYu-the superhero, super firm tofu!

         ToYu is our staple tofu superhero. Many tofu products have a spongey texture and are lacking in flavour and flare.     Keen to correct this, our ToYu is challenging tofu perceptions. Delicious, nutritious and pleasingly plump – it took months and months to perfect. Our super firm tofu became ToYu! With its unique texture and packed with plant-based protein, it’s ideal for kitchens and cooks everywhere.




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the soyu ethos


Love | Fair | Preserve | Care


We love our customers and we love all animals!

We support fair and ethical trading.

We help to preserve our planet and work in harmony with nature.

We care about the future and our impact.