You haven't tasted Tofu until you try SoYu!

Tastebud tested!

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Healthy, organic, planet-friendly produce that keeps them coming back for more…
SoYu is the extra yummy plant-based protein delivered directly to your door!

The vegan, soy and plant-based market have grown by a massive 40% in the last year alone.
Consumers are more informed, more health-conscious, and they’re choosing companies that
reflect their values and lifestyle. Every single soya bean is GM-free, organic, vegan,
sustainable, ethically sourced  - making SoYu products extra scrummy

and superior.


So, what’s so special about SoYu? Our Chefs lovingly pack our products with plant-based
protein for their trademark firm, delicious texture. It took months and many attempts to get
our SoYu Tofu perfect for your palate! So perfect that it mimics succulent, tender meat –
only better. Just wash, chop and pop our tofu into curries, stir-fries, salads, or why not add a

tasty vegan tofu burger to your menu?


SoYu soya milk is soaring in popularity, too. Naturally low in cholesterol and saturated fat, it
has none of that nasty lactose which upsets so many tummies. Soya milk is the obvious,
healthy alternative to cow milk and delicious in your favourite coffee, tea and recipes.


We lovingly produce and pack your SoYu products and deliver them directly to consumers, cafes,
whole-food stores, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers all over the UK.


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